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huge botswanna agate.extremely rare for its size.  very interesting banding structure. a keeper in any collection.  very very unique agate.   solid. no quartz.
  this is probably as cold as this rock has ever been  :o)
   7 1/2" by 3 1/2"   half   3 lbs.
              450$       #af1
botswana agate
kinda looks like a galaxy. lot of little stars in it. consentric banding. very nice. top shelf specimen. good size too.
  4" by 2 1/2"  half     1 lb
    75$             #af2
southern africa, really unknown location.  looks like botswana inside but the outer skin is different.  very nice specimen. top shelf. no quartz all agate.
  tight banding
4 1/2" by 3"  half   2 lbs
  150$           #af3
morocco agate
  from the atlas mountains.
   this is a very nice finely banded agate. a great agate .
top shelf specimen.
  solid.  small amount of quarts on the left.
    6" by 3 1/2"   half    3.6 lbs.
            175$         #mrco2
madicascar agate
  this agate came from an escarpment.  very nice banding. the dark lines are healed fractures. all agate. very rare.
6" by 2 1/4"  half    2.2 lbs
    100 $              #mad1
madigascar agate
  this agate came from a river in madigascar. carnelian coloration
3 1/2" by 2 1/2"  half  1 lb
   10 $                 #mad2
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