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This is a big & rare Indian Blackskin agate with red banding!!  Nice Polish. 
   all agate !
       7 1/2" x 4" and 3" deep               3.6lbs  
         $130.00   #as1
india agate
  has a whitish-green skin on the outer shell.
nicely banded,  solid,  different
   most of these agate i have cut are water level agates. so this is a good one
   4 1/2" by 3 1/4"  half  1.6 lbs.
             20$      #as2
india agate
  solid. no quartz.
very deep blue color
  distinct banding.
  good size
  6" by 4"   half    2.5 lbs
         65$      #as3
kazhkastan thunderegg
form semipalatnisk area of the steppe.
  this is the area of nuclear tests during the cold war days., it is not radioactive though.
   bright colors with tubes.
  it is large  8" by 4" half   3.8 lbs
                 70 $     #as4
Nice big blue agate from Caucasas Mountains,Russia.  An ugly crack but it is big & colorful.  Mirror Polish.   # as02                                   
9" x 6" avg 3" deep  11 lbs.         $150.00       #as5
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