Indonesian Agates
indonesia agate
nicely banded small agate geode.  good for a world agate collection
  3" by 2 5/8"  half   under 1/2 lb
                 20$      #as6
indonesia agate
has subtile yellow banding.
  very rare hard to find agate.
   solid , no quartz.
  from the country devistated by a sunami.
roughly 4" by 3"  half    1/2 lb.
                  50$    #as7
indonesia agate
nice liquid blue banded agate.
  good size
has a good metal sound when dragged across another agate
4 1/2" by 4"  half   14 oz.
                 40$     #as8
indonesian agate
  blue, red and green
  solid no quartz.
if it had no fractures it would be a museum piece. 
still a nice rock :o)
  3" by 2 1/2"  half   1/2 lb.
                30$     #as9
indonesian agate geode
  these are very har to get agates.
  good for a world agate display
  3 1/2" by 3 1/2"  half   1/2 lb.
                 20$     #as10
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