Australia Wave Hill agates
huge agate creek agate from australia.  the outback has some terrific agates.  agates this size are quite rare.  fracture free. red.
   5" by 3"    half    2 lbs.
                   175$     #aus2
big aussie agate from agate creek queensland australia
  no quartz in this one.   red, green and yellow.
            solid agate
4 1/2" by 2 1/2"  half    1.5 lbs.
                  75$    #aus3
excellent australian agate..
top shelf. very good distinct fortification pattern.  cut a lot and get a little with these agates.  thats why an agate creek agate like this is hard to acquire.
  good size too !
  4" by 3"    half      1/2 lb.
              200$     #aus4
agate creek agate queensland australia.   very nice banding.      a small area in the fine banding has shadow effect.
    solid. no quartz. all agate
   4 1/2" by 2 1/2"   half   
             over 1/2 lb.
            125$      #aus5
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