Antartica 1
Nice little concentric banded agate.  These agates were found at the Russian base on the continent Antartica.  The name of the place is  Agate Bay.  Named that because of the occurance of agates there.  Many of these agates were found during the excavation to build a church .

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Small clear banded Antartica agate.
  I got these from a man that went to Antartica to help build the church.  I will add some photos of this place on the following pages. 
Other half of the above agate. 
The Russian Orthadox church was originally built in Russia. Then dissassembled and numbered to insure the proper order of the re-assembly. As a concrete construction worker myself, I know this had to be difficult to shovel the sand, gravel, cement in a small mixer and then carry thousands of small loads to complete the foundation in extreme weather conditions. Perhaps for any Russian worker, that is use to the frigid winters, it was just another day at the office :o)
Rough Agate Bay agate.  Showing structure.  But what is inside ?
The church was built on a hill at the coast of Agate Bay, Antartica.
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