Argentina Condor Vein  1
Beautiful full face cut condor vein agate.   bright deep red color contrasting with blue .   2 lbs 4 oz.                                                       80$                    #condorvein1a
other half of 1a.  translucent blue.   2lbs 4 oz                                           75$               concorvein1b
Fantastic red agate intruded into the quartz.  Because of the way these agate have formed and broken edges etc , it is difficult to get full face cut.
    2.8 lbs            90$
Cream of the crop. very colorful.  Top Shelf !  Condor vein agate geode with amethyst.  1 lb 5 oz.                                                  75$                #condorvein3a
Other half of 3a.     1 lb 5 oz.       65$        condorvein3b
Finely banded floater.
  nicely polished specimen

Red with violet blue center.
  Also shadow effect in the blue center.  Very Rare                               Great specimen.
     4 lbs.          450$
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