Argentina Condor Vein 2
rough cut nice red vein agate. full skin backside. looks like the quartz pocket will be much smaller after next slab. good cutting rough.  4 lbs  100$  #condorvein7
nicely banded rough cut  vein agate  .  nice agate   good size too  6.4 lbs
  lots of great cutting rough.  255$   #condorvein8
agate to the core.  rough cut.   2.4 lbs            80$           #condorvein9
nice full face rough cut . no quartz     2.4 lbs      80 $     condorvein10
Amethyst center, great colored big vein agate.,  rough cut, angled off on the right for full face pattern.
              6.2 lbs
Full face rough cut .  These vein agates are very colorful well structured concentric banding.
  90 %  skin on backside,
rainbow of colors.
                   4.1 lbs
Opaque very red , very nice full face polished agate
                3 lbs
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