Condor nodular agate 1
Very strong colored chromatography that Condor agates are famous for. Also what is appealing is the agate center rooted into the quartz.

               3.4  lbs
Top quality big rough cut nodular Condor agate.
  I recommend for the Argentina government to ammend the name Argentina to " Agatetina "
  The shape of this agate looks like it came from a lava tube.  It was a very long agate over 12 inches.  Some slabs can be cut from this one and still have a full face showing.
   it is 9" by 6" and 6" deep.
                 12 lbs
Reddish-Orange fine banded rounded off for full face pattern.
  Hard to make a photo because of its shape, but surely an eye pleaser.
                  2 lbs
Great orange finely banded full face cut and polished.
    really a good size agate.
definately collector grade
               1.6 lbs
One of my favorites.
   Bold and fine banding.
            over 1/2 lb
                 95 $
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