morocco geode
from imintanoute area of morocco.  full of crystal clear quartz crystals.  very nice and rare goede specimen.  huge!
  12" by 11 "    42.6 lbs
        450$    #geo1
madigascar geode
  light blue celestite crystals
  top graded .  these are very dense as they are heavier than they look. big crystals.
3.5 on the mohs hardness scale.  very nice specimen.
   8 1/2" by 8" by 6 1/2"
         19 lbs.
        250$             #geo2

kentucky chalcedony geode
  these geodes are very nice.
  one of a kind specimen
found in areas adjoining the kentucky agate area.
very rare.
actually it is a fossil replacement made of agate.
it looks like a meteorite
   12" by 9" by 8"
        31 lbs.
         310$.          #geo3
madigascar celestite geode
hollow all the way in.
  huge crystal growth in this one. some of the crystals stick out 2 inches.  nice blue coloration.
it is a huge specimen!
     17" by 10" by 10"
            59 lbs.
            800$   #geo4
kentucky bubbly agate geode.
  nice specimen with the lid.         fits perfectly. 
   looks like a meteorite.
9" by 7" by 6"     16 lbs.
           85$        #geo5