Kazakhstan Maiskoje 1
Very nice agate from the Maiskoje deposit in Kazakhstan.  Central Asia.
these are an unusual type of thunderegg. showing some waterl level and fortification banding .
  Most of these agates have the weight marked on them for kilograms (kg)
they are also pictured wet unless specified.
So this beauty is 5.3 kilograms or 11.66 pounds.
Nice colorful Maiskoje agate.
Some minor fractures.
  These agates were digged at the time of the USSR.
They had been sitting in an unknown warehouse since the 1980's
  I had the oppurtunity to visit this warehouse in remote place of Ural mountains.
This is a good one !

             1.8 kgs or 4 lbs.
Unfractured big agate.  Minimal amount of rhyolite matrix on this one.
The weight is 4.5 kgs or 9.9 lbs.
Full skin on backside
  Classic agate structure.
Pictured wet

Another fine specimen from the steppe of central Asia.
Quartz crystals have grown very tightly together thus being very translucent. Also very little of the typical thunderegg rhyolite burden.
               2.5 kgs
Big Blue banded beauty

  thes agates have been painstakenly transported, cut, transported again and again before entering USA.
  this large example is very nice, and very solid.
full skin backside.
     5 kgs or 11 lbs
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