Kazakhstan Maiskoje 2
Fine redbanding surrounded by multicolored inner and outer banding fortification. psuedomorphs, moss and brecciated matrix are in this monster agate.
             11.9 kgs
      or a little over over
             26 lbs
Floating center and water level.
Little minor fractures.
  This is an excellent rock for the serious collector.
   Very rare and hard to get agate from North Eastern part of Kazakhstan.
   13.8 lbs  or 6.3 kgs however you prefer to weigh it, it is a biggie 


Fine banding with a hint of parallax.
  This is another big agate.  the warehouse i visited  has only big agates. 
this is another of the cream of the crop.
Huge round thunderegg geode.
Looks like something with pressure entered this cavity when the white substance (unknown) was still in the plastic state.
this is a marvel to see.  pictures cannot show.
  This has to be very rare for any agate.  Very strange happenings went on inside this geode. I think it is safe to say there is a geode inside the geode.
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