Lake Superior 1
Lake superior agate
this one turned out pretty good after cutting.
it cost 325$ for me to find out what it looked like. nice cut on 2 flow channels.
  these agates can be very nice cut and polished. but ya have to nevermind the cracks . they have been layin out in the freezing millions of years.
3 1/2" by 2 1/2"   half
  15 oz.     175$      #minn1
Lake superior agate
lots of  shadow effect with water level banding
very fine
3" by 3" half.
14oz.      90$      #minn2
Very nice Laker!
small amethyst center.
allaround shadow effect.
3 1.2" by 1 1/2 "   broke backside.
4 oz           100$     # minn3
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