Madigascar agates 1
Great agate specimen from the northern part of Madigascar.  many tube or drip like structures.
this is a large fracture free specimen.
it is 13" by 4"
        13.8 lbs
The colors of this particular type of Madigascar agate are pastel yet strong colored.
  this is also very appealing nice all agate.
   11 1/2" by 5"
    11.4 lbs
Other half of #2.
Nice big banded to the core. This one and other on this page have extremely rough outer skins.
        11.4 lbs
Very nice large Madigascar agate. Many different agate deposits on the island.  seems that they have not been in any river or stream. I have been told by the dealer they come from an escarpment.
this one is 10" by 7 1/2"
      whopping 32.8 lbs.
            1500 $
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