North America
Missouri 3
Nice UnionRoad agate.
  has a very nice polish.
Calico coloring. calcite center.
  it is 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" half.
   4 lbs.                       #mo11
Union Road agate geode.
Very nice.  the banding resembles the dryhead type.
  good sedimentary agates are found throughout U.S.A. it seems to be in a curved band that starts in Montana winding down into Alabama and back north to Kentucky.
6" by 5 1/2"   halfer
4.5 lbs.                          #mo12
Union road agate.
nice green coloration.
  some of these nodules also have sealife fossils, or imprints on the skin.
6 by 4 1/2"     half
  2.2 lbs                      #mo13 
Union Road agate.
Wonderfully colored specimen.
it has the Fairburn  "Holly Leaf" around the outside banding structure.
  very very nice.
4 1/2 by 3 1/2   half
  1.5 lbs                    #mo14
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