Kentucky 1

This is a large,colorful agate. Colors include Blue,Black,green & yellow.
This is a museum quality piece with a liquid polish.
                       Measurements are 14"x 71/2" and 4+" deep Weight 22lbs
For more pictures e-mail me at the link below.     $950.00
kentucky agate
  black, green and yellow.
low in fratures for its size.
very unique in the agate world
  it is 7" by 5"  half   4.4 lbs

kenyucky agate
  this one is fracture free. black, green and yellow..  very unique agate.. very very rare   museum quality !
4 3/4" by 3" half    1 lb
huge kentucky agate geode
very contrasting colors. blue,black,green and yellow banding.  i think its a museum piece :o)  very rare   when the cracks are weeted they almost disappear, so som opticon would do wonders for the cracks.
  it is 10" by 8 1/2"  half      17 lbs
kentucky agate
   big and bold   yellow and black
   calcite center
   very unique in the agate world  :o)
  8" by 5" halfer   7.2 lbs
                450 $
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