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kentucky agate
  its a big floater agate. filled with calcite.  as it was forming ,calcite was the last mineral to enter it.  some muratic acid carefully used will hollow it. potentially it is a big agate geode
  11" by 8"  half      19 lbs.
              325$   #na14
grey kentucky agate. it appears that the darker cracks at the bottom have been healed.. it also has little white bursts in the liquid quarts areas. the grey is opaque and the rest is very translucent.  the center is calcite
    6"  by  4" half   4.8 lb
               85$   #na09
kentucky agate
   its huge.  black, green, and yellow.  these agates are found where Daniel Boone first made his ventures into Kentucky.
   it is  1' 1/2" by 7"   half
             21.5 lbs
              1000$         #na12
kentucky agate
   it has very rare quartz bandings between the floater and the outer ring.  very unique agate.  solid as a rock !
  3" by 3"   half    over 1/2 lb.
                150$      #na13
kentucky agate
  rainbow of colors. very nice rare agate.  boldest of the bold
  the bottom part of this nodule broke off but its still a winner.
4" by 3" by 3 1/2"deep big half                    3 lbs.
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