Kentucky 4
kentucky agate
  this is a top shelf specimen
  cut on the flow channel.  that is where the fluid came in or out of this nodule when it was developing.
   blue, black, green and yellow
   lacking fractures for its size
  7" by 4 1/2"  half   4.8lbs.
            400$        #ky20

kentucky agate
  ive heard this type called chevron agate.  it resembles the old chevron gas station stripes.
  this is a big agate
  better pictures are available
    9" by 7"   half     11.6 lbs
              250$      #ky21
kentucky agate
  finely banded yellow outer ring surrounds quartz crystals that grew together.
  very nice specimen
   4 1/2" round   endcut from a broken nodule.    1.2 lbs.
           50$       #ky22
  yellow and black.
  only thing keepin this one from a museum piece is th whit fracture
  calcite flow channel
  and a smudge on the picture :o)
  3 1/2" by 2 1/2"   half     14 oz.
                 50$       #ky23            
kentucky agate
  yellow banded with clear swirls
  calcite center with quartz crystals
  4 1/2" by 3"   half    15 oz.
              25$            #ky24
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