Missouri 1
union road agate
   very nicely banded , color change banding.  this is a rare characteristic for sedimentary agates.
   4 1/2" by 4"   half    1.8 lbs.
         140$          #mo1
union road agate
  these agate were found while interstate construction was goin on in the late 60's..  this one is solid.  it has fading colors.
  4 1/2" round face half  1.4lbs.
                90$       #mo2
union road agate from missouri

union road agate geode.
  big , nice, wow !
nice to look at :o)
   8" by 4"  half   3.8lbs
union road agate
  this one is a good example to see how the agate formed in the concretion.  the back side reveals the true outer part of the agate.  they havent weathered out of the concretion yet.
  3 3/4"round face    14 oz.
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