Montana 1
Dryhead agate from Montana
the big sky country has great agates
  it has a druzy quartz hollow center
  5" by 2 3/4" full skin backside    1 lb  15 oz
dryhead agate
   very unique agate,   those different shades of red with the white is appealing. full skin
     very rare
  2 3/4" by 1 1/2"  half  
             8.7 oz.
      200$       #dryhead2
dryhead agate
   very nicely patterened.  great colors.liquid polish too !
  3" by 2"  half                      11.5 oz.
              120 $   #dryhead3
nice dryhead agate 
   you cut a lot to get a little. but definately hit the jackpot when this one was cut. has chip from backside showing nothing.
4 3/4" by 2 3/4"  half              1lb 12oz.
           750$                         #dryhead4
nice little dryhead agate  full skin backside
   4" by 2"   half   
     4.8 oz
               155$                        #dryhead5
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