Tadjikistan Adrasman 1
Agates from near the ancient "silk trail" in central Asia.
Adrasman is the small city located near agate area.
Dolony colony is even smaller settlement just a walk away for where these agates are found.

Colorful and Very unique !
Heavy duty bandings.  These agates are a psuedomorph.
Much like Kentucky, and Argentina "Puma "   agates.
These agates have been dug out of sandstone. Many of the followin photos you can see the matrix still attached.

Karamazar Tadjikistan agate .
Rare black colors for agate.
Karamazar is name for the geological area these agates come from. Black Tajikistan agates are found in the mountains further away from Adrasman and Dolony colony.
These suspended banding agates from Tajikistan are 2 halves of the same nodule. Has great depth of sight between the bandings. No fracture and good size.  #tajik1                                                    #tajik2
Another pair of nice  very rare Tajikistan agates.  A geologist name Valentine Nazarova found this agate deposit while working the area in 1964. Detailed searching was done by another geologist Sokolov from 1977 to 1982. The barren hills near Dolony colony were scoured for these nice agates. Almost all the agates sent back to Russia were used for jewelry and carvings suchs as butterflys.  Very few nice specimens were saved.                                                                                                                             #tajik3                                                                 #tajik4
Looks like these nodules began as quartz geodes, and after some millions of years the agate filled in nicely. It is hard to see from photos , you can see where the outer concentric ring of agate grew from the quartz crystals.
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