USA agates 1
Nice agate from southern  Idaho
3" by 2 1/2"   half
  no fractures
  14 oz.      45 $  #  usa1
petrefied wood
agate limbcast.  rare agate.

  3 1/2" round  3 1/2" deep
  2 lbs         50 $      #usa2
new mexico usa
unknown location
nicely banded.  a lot of moss like inclusions make up the banding. can see where crystals terminated on the outer top skin.
very nice specimen of rare agate. probably formen in an open fracture or void.
10" by 3" by 4"   5.4 lbs
       300$   #usa3
fairburn agate
  very nice banding.  it is very rare to get cut and polished agates from there..
it shows a lot of fortifications on the outer water washed skin
3 " by 3" by  3/4"  4oz.
  150$   #usa4

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