Wave Hill 1
Now there are not any agates on the barren surface at Wave Hill.  Many of the Australian rockhounds cannot even say where these agates were found because all pieces have been picked up years ago.  #wavehill2
Very nice Wave Hill agate !  some people that lived in the Wave Hill area in the Northwest Territory collected these agates from the surface . #Wavehill1
These agates have very fine banding with good contrast and many times shadow effect. this one also had great depth.     #wavehill3
All these surface found agates show the effects of being hot and dry for millions of years. probably scorched in the hot direct sunlight.    # wavehill4
Extreme deformation of the concentric ring is common with these agates.
Wave Hill agates are distinguishable from the rest of the agate world                                                     #wavehill5