Yakutia Siberia 1
Large thundereggs from far away remote Yakutia in nortern Siberia.. These  pieces are all very large.  this one and the following picture are bothe from the same nodule.  It is a Thunderegg agate geode with strange growths attached to the center pocket.
Yakutia is bigger than Alaska and Texas combined. Rich in coal, diamonds, frozen wooly mammoths and other minerals and precious metals. Yakutia is rich with many agate areas too. These thundereggs are found near Mustakh-Yarjakh river.
   This large egg is free of  fractures and is  HUGE !
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These agate have large bubbly like extrusions poppong out of the skin.  Probably evidence of the volcanic boiling mud that created the opportunity for these agates to form.
Huge egg with tiny red concentric center
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Nice . cut on the fill tube.
if you will like to see close up photos they are available
  These agates were mined by the USSR for stone industy use. And brought out of the rugged Yakutia wilderness with helicopters in the 1980's. Some eggs weigh over 1200 lbs ! 
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