Indonesia Sumatra 1
this one resembles some agate creek agates    30$          indo1
nice little indonesia agate 15$       indo15
fine banded  with small floater  65 $      indo2
fine banded blue with shadow.  dome polished    65$          indo3
multiple banding.  definately some of the best agate out there . this is a SUPER DUPER agate  .   300 $       indo5
nice yellow, green finely banded agate, great banding structure     175$    indo4
definately some of the best the indonesia islands has to offer.  from an area on earth where agates are probably developing at this time.   this an extra rare and beautiful agate.
                          350$      indo6
You can contact Seth at this address for other fine agate material from Indonesia , all kinds of rough and custom made cabachons.
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