Timan agate 1
Nice Timan Russia agate. From far north of Russia. Where ice rules for most of any year. Complete opposite of the similar Botswana agate.
  This agate shows little evidence of the heavy freezing.
Good shadow effect , and nearly full skin backside.
  3" by 2" and 1" deep.
              6.1 oz.
Very translucent blue .Fine shadow outer banding with faded inner blue banding. Eye catching piece.  These agates were mined at the time of the USSR. Since then they have sit in a cold storage place in the north of Russia.  No more does anybody go to search for these agates.No wonder because it is a difficult place to get too.
     2" by 2" and 1" deep
               4.6 oz.
Great suspended banding Timan specimen.  Timan is an area west of the Ural mountains and south of the Barents sea / Artic ocean.
This is a very nice specimen.
Nearly full skin backside.
  2 1/2" by 1 3/8" and 7/8" deep
                 2.5 oz.
This agate remind of a Tesla coil..  Looks like electricity eminating.  And looks like the center is bursting out.
  Nice little unusual specimen.
  2 1/4" by 2" and 1 3/4" deep
                  5.4 oz
Very colorful and nice . Timan area is one of the best for agates in Russia. Very collectable agate.
Some are almond shape and there is cone shape nodules. This agate is from the cone shape group. 
   1 3/4" round and has a broken backside at 1" thick.
                  4.1 oz.
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